Our Mission
The mission of Upper Valley Options, Inc. is to be the premier provider of community, facility, and home based services to developmentally disabled individuals over the age of three.  Upper Valley Options, Inc. is dedicated to the developmentally disabled population, their parents, care providers and other support systems that encourage and promote independence for the developmentally disabled population.
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Developmental Therapy for Adults
Services for Children
Available In-House:
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pool Therapy
Adult Day Recreation & Learning
Individualized, comprehensive interventions that have been shown to be effective and are used on a short term, one-to-one basis that produce measurable outcomes that diminish behaviors that interfere with the development and use of language and appropriate social interaction skills; or broaden an otherwise severely restricted range of interest; and increase the child’s ability to participate in other therapies and environments.
Rehabilitative and habilitative services that include assessment, diagnostic, and treatments that are provided on an outpatient basis to persons with developmental disabilities
a structured day program that provides individually planned care, supervision, social interaction, and supportive services in a protective group setting
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CPR/First Aid Classes are available throughout the year.  
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